Virginia Democrats threaten pensions of Pro 2A Police and Sheriffs


Just think, if they are willing to do this to law enforcement officers in Virginia, what do you think they will be willing to do to you. If you live in Virginia and you support the Second Amendment, just remember that these Sheriffs came out to support you when you needed it. Pay them back by showing up at the ballot box and vote these people out.

In the video, you’ll learn about a prefiled bill that threatens to remove the pensions of law enforcement officers who publicly state or intentionally fail to enforce the unconstitutional gun laws. It also mentions retraining for officers as well as an oath to the commonwealth.

Is an oath to uphold the Constitution not good enough? Is the oath to the commonwealth superior to an oath to the Constitution? Hopefully we’ll get some answers on this in the months to come.

In another disgusting act today, we learned that apparently Virginia Democrats denied law enforcement officers a 3% pay raise specifically because they opposed unconstitutional gun laws.

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If you don’t get out and vote in the next election then this is on you. No more excuses; we have to get these people out. Stand up for your law enforcement and vote!


  1. “We The People” will take back what is rightfully ours and given to us by our forefathers!
    This who get in the way will feel the wrath of the PEOPLE..

    Sad to see corruption and tyranny has brought the country to this.

  2. Make no mistake, this is not Marksism or Communism this is tyranny! This is exactly why the founding fathers put the second amendment in the constitution. The gun laws passed by the Virginia Legislature and Governor are unconstitutional and tyrannical.

    • If every gun owner in VA refused to obey. to t j e point that a red flag confiscation order went out on an honest citezen fifty people stood in front of the house and refused them entrance.(peacefully) the law would soon become unenforceable.

  3. sure, let them honor their oath to support the Virginia Constitution:

    “That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power“

  4. This attempt to subvert the Constitution on these United States through the power and leveage of the dollar brings us to an important point in our future as a constitutional republic. When a political candidate can flex his finincial muscles and power and influence to purchase the legislature of the commonwealth of Virginia, what does it say abouut the person promotinng the subversion of the second amendament?

    It says that as a power broker he is capable of anything as a presidend taking the oath of office to protect and support the constitution of the United States, The oath is meaningess as there is no intent expressed or implied that the person taking the oath is doing so to as a requirment of the job and will do anything, any time to anyone to achieve his or her own purposes and cannot be trusted to abide by that oath. We learn this through the act by which will directly impact the income of law enforcment if they refuse to support the second amendament of the United States. Such an act funded by political dillars also says that such a person will not keep and uphold our constitution but will subvert it any time the constitutuion and the Bill of Rights are not to his liking or personal agends.

    Look carefully at our God given rights as defined in the first 10 Amendamnets on September 25 1789 and known as The Bill of Rights of our constitution and decide which rights you no longer want,

    Amendament 1 Freedom of Religion,Speech and the Press
    2 Right to Bear Arms
    3 The Housing of Soldiers
    4 Protection form Unreasonable Search and Siezure
    5 Protection of Rights to Life, Liberty and Property
    6 Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Cases
    7 Rights of Civil Cases
    8 Excessive Bail,Fines and Punsihments Forbidden
    9 Other Rights Kept by the People
    10 Undelegated Powers Kept by the Statesand the People

    We the people need to decide which one or ones we are eilling to give up and if we are willing to give up one we are willing to give up all! I hope Virginia is not willing to buckel under the weight of politicial presseuries applied by dollars to subvert our God given Rights. The rights than cannont be bartered away, sold or assigned for the convience of others.

    Those are my thoughts I hope the rest of our country is willing to support our constitution rather than letting someone with money to suvert it. Michael Bloom his henchmen and hired stooges are willing to do just that along with others of his ilk George Soros These people are not patriots nor do they love our country but are willing to destroy and dismantle right by right until we become the subjects of the next tin hor dictator to come down the pike.

    Free Speech,Press, Assmebly, Religion, Due Process, Self Incrimination, Double Jeopardy, Keep and bear Arms, Fair and Legal Pocedure the first 1

  5. See there is one thing the dems work for the people we need to join together and fire them all really and get it signed until they are fired

  6. If Soros succeeds in undermining the Constitution through corrupt politicians,Civil War is inevitable.

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