By: David Tripp
18 Feb 2020

Per local M. Fenton a Board of Supervisors meeting attendee on Facebook granted us confirmation of the passing of the Stone County Mississippi resolution to become a Second Amendment Safe Haven was passed. The meeting began at 9:00 AM this morning the 18th of Feb 2020.


  1. I just cant remember his last name, but Mr Dale had alot to do with it. He also presented a resolution same day as I did. Would like to give him recognition also.

  2. In Mississippi? With open carry, concealed carry I and II, dashboard carry, pretty much any carry you want?

    Does that mean you can carry into courtrooms, schools, and police and sheriff stations now? Or is it just silliness?

    • just silliness, the state determine what is allowed or not. If it says no weapons allowed, then yep not allowed.

  3. When Jim Hood was Attorney General, he issued a statement about where guns are prohibited. I’ll look it up, but the gist is that many of the places displaying “no guns” signs are actually in violation of the law. A person with an enhanced license can legally carry virtually anywhere in MS, regardless of signs. Scary? Not really. Search for all the shootings committed by an enhanced license holder. They will be in defense of others almost every time.

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