We were recently sent this map of the latest updates to the Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties map for the State of New Jersey. We would like to wholeheartedly thank the folks at NJ 2A Sanctuary who sent this map to us as gathering this information can be very time consuming so we appreciate all the help we can get.

We have not independently verified the status of these counties, however in the spirit of providing the most up to date information as quickly as possible, we will post these when we receive them.

The following is from the NJ 2A Sanctuary Facebook page (follow them if you’re in NJ):

Let go over a few things. This map shows the towns (dark green) and the counties (light green) that have passed the resolutions. How did this happen? People got up off the couch and put a lot of hard work into making that happen by sending in their resolutions and attending their town/ county meetings. The point? It shows what can happen when people get involved. Complacency has gotten us to the point that we are now, having to fight hard in order to keep our state government from becoming tyrannical. The state government relies on complacency to pass their unconstitutional laws. We are almost to the point of no return. No one is exempt from any of these laws. NO ONE. Get involved, get others to get involved. There is nothing more important then your involvement and there sure is nothing illegal about getting involved and speaking up. Remember the power is in the people.

NJ 2A Sanctuary Facebook

We encourage individuals on the ground in each state to send us updates. If there are any organizations out there that are creating these maps for other states who would like to help get the word out about how the Sanctuary Counties movement is progressing within your state, please feel free to email contact@sanctuarycounties.com.

Please consider sending your maps, along with any information we can use to verify the data within them (to include links to news articles, meeting minutes, copies of signed resolutions, meeting live streams, or any other verification that counties have declared sanctuary status). This information allows us to update our historical archive as well as our national map. We only put verified Sanctuary Counties on our map, so this information will make our jobs much easier and provide the American people with more accurate information.