Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to table HB 961 until next year


Honestly, this video from Guns & Gadgets is the first news I’ve received of this and I only noticed it because it popped up in my notifications on my cell phone. If I find any other news I will share it as well. This is pretty awesome though. A nice way to start my Monday.

According to the video, this bill has been tabled until next year. The vote was 10 to 5 to table HB 961 until next year. Congratulations to everyone who showed up and everyone who has been involved in this fight. It sounds like we won this round; but don’t get complacent. They voted to table it in the hopes that we would forget about it. We will not. We must not.

If you aren’t subscribed to Guns & Gadgets, you should consider doing so. They have been breaking Second Amendment news and really covering topics across all states quite well. It’s a very good channel to follow.