By: David Tripp
17 Feb 2020

Monday the 17th the Lee county board of commissioners took on the challenge brought forth to them to pass a resolution to support the second amendment. The commission chose to readopt the version they had previously released.
At the 16:19 mark in the video the subject was brought forth. It was stated that this resolution was a reaffirmation of the resolution they had passed back in 2013. Commissioner Robert Reeves brought up some objections to the term ‘Objection’ being used in the resolution. For the next X minutes the commissioners would debate the three versions that were put forth. The version that Commissioner Reeves was in issue with was the one released in the agenda package.
At the 21:10 mark the proposed resolution was then read in full.
At the 24:05 mark the board voted unanimously to adopt.

Resolution passed on 4th Feb 2013