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10 Feb 2020 5:56PM

The Onslow Board of County Commissioners UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution to support the Second Amendment Monday afternoon.
When I get the exact wording of that resolution, we’ll post it here.
Thanks, Commissioners, for taking a stand.
-Raeford Brown


  1. Onslow County Commissioners DID NOT vote for a sanctuary county. They just voted to “support” the Constitution. Big Friggin Deal… these Commissioners have no guts and were too scared to use the wording “Sanctuary County”. This declaration isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. WE the real patriots in this county are NOT afraid to declare Onslow a Sanctuary county and WILL NOT comply with any laws passed (both local and federal) restricting the 2nd Amendment. COME AND TAKE THEM.

    • With or without the word ‘Sanctuary’ the resolutions are non-bindable and non-enforceable and more of a clear statement of unity at this point. The title of this page clearly says “supporting”. Be glad they took on the challenge we have New Hanover who blew off a PH awardee and refused to even bring it up for a vote. When you have elected officials who refuse to go on the record and sign that they will defend the constitution as a whole and not just the parts they agree with it is a win. It is up to the people to let them remain in office or show them the door especially if they did not pass something the people can agree with or if they outright said no. I live in the Pitt Craven area, my dad lives in Onslow, aunt lives in Pamlico and sister lives in Jones. This site tracks Pro-2A not just resolutions with a single word, the Key on our map even denotes this.

  2. I am 65 years old and can read quite well. And the name of the website is “SANCTUARY COUNTIES”. I didn’t say this page said sanctuary, I just made a comment. If you don’t like what the comments say don’t put a comment section on the page. I only care about Onslow County. I don’t care what PITT or Jones or any other counties do. These elected officials took an “OATH” to defend the Constitution so any less is unacceptable.

    • At this point you are trying to arguing for no reason, we supplied you with the info its kinda what we do. As I stated before “it is up to the people to let them remain in office or show them the door especially if they did not pass something the people can agree with or if they outright said no.” This includes not passing what should be to the peoples standard. We have seen resolutions that had the magical word “sanctuary” in it but absolutely said nothing about the second amendment, or even the constitution. We have seen counties try to put out public statements as a letterhead that was not even in the county record these types we refuse to accept because we want them on the record. With or without the magic word they are classified as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution/ordinance/ACT” as they are reaffirmations of their oath and carries no legal weight with or without the word. It boils down to US…We The People.. sending a message to Raleigh, that we will not comply, its that simple. Just as a side note here are some variations we have seen.
      Second Amendment Sanctuary
      Second Amendment Resped
      Second Amendment Safe Haven
      Second Amendment Refuge
      Second Amendment County
      Constitutional County
      Constitution Safe Haven
      Second Amendment Preservation County
      Constitutional Preservation County
      Constitution and Bill of Rights protected County
      …and this is the short list, when we started this we figured it would be something easy to keep track of, but there have been so many variations that all have almost the exact same wording +/-, that all do the same thing with or without the word, we had to switch to Pro-2A as the go-nogo. And unless you wish to buy us another URL we will not be changing it.

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