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SanctuaryCounties Editor David Tripp, speaks before his own Commissioners.


03 Feb 2020
Craven County Board of Commissioners

My name is David Tripp,

I served as a Volunteer firefighter in Cove City for five years, and as a Airborne Combat Medic for six , with 15 months in Iraq.

I swore the oath to uphold and defend the constitution.

For this reason it is my Duty to stand here before you today.

I am angry, frustrated.. that we are at this point.

When we allow anyone… to infringe on the rights for an individual to have the means to defend themselves as they see fit.

We will stop being a country of the free and will merely be beholden to the whims of a totalitarian state and federal government.

12 anti-gun bills were pushed in our state alone this past year… under the guise of public safety…

By people that were elected to be representatives and not overlords…

To be faithful to We the People and not to a New York billionaire.

People who swore an oath for the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a WHOLE …. not just the parts that they agree with.

We have seen judges in other states ignore their oath and have allowed their states to pass obscure laws that violate the 1st 2nd 4th 5th and 9th amendments.

Laws that lead to theft of private property through confiscations, where law abiding citizens are turned into felons overnight due to enforcement of these laws, without due process.

Not because they committed violence, or harm upon others, but simply for the ownership of a inanimate object.

Heaven forbid if a lawful citizen ever does need a gun for deterrence, protection or sustenance, and are prevented based on a law that is unconstitutional.

It is impossible for an officer to be everywhere, everytime before bad things happen.

In those cases it is a citizen’s duty to step up when they have the ability to protect others from violent evil.

I am a peaceful person, I keep to myself, I follow the law the best I can, I help others whenever possible, but if anyone comes to take my personal property, harm my family, or unjustly opresses my community through unjust laws…. that is my tipping point.

I will fight you.. even at the ballot box.

I applaud the commissioners of the 501 counties for standing up and passing similar resolutions nationwide and 4 states nationwide who passed protective laws.

And I am hoping you will do the same for us and not cower because of some party line or lawyer bullshit.

Thank you.”


  1. Great Job David!! Way to go!!!! We are part of the Virginia Brigaide, for 2A Santuary. Any help please let us know. Keep on fighting, what is being done here to have them all is great!!
    Take care, and keep it at their heels!!!

  2. Is there help needed on this main website as moderator/or other administrative needs?
    I clicked join on the main facebook page and sent a msg.

  3. I see Virginia has 98 amt. in the category. Looking for it on the top down search for find your state and it is not there.
    Regards, VM

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