Updated Map of American Pro Second Amendment / 2A Sanctuary Counties – 2/5/2020


This last few days has been very busy for our two man team. We have Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas and Florida gaining several counties. Mississippi, Arizona, Nebraska and Indiana joining the fight. Then we have North Carolina who pulled out a whopping 22 county gain in a two day spread. The show of support for this movement has been enormous. We still have approximately 8 counties that are currently on hold and awaiting verification to be added. We may be reworking Illinois a bit by the time the next map releases.

We are doing our best to make corrections and bring you the most accurate map of the current state of the movement. On a side note we have been switching over to a flag image format so you can easily find articles about your state. We will be updating old articles to this format as we move forward. We have also been making adjustments to the layout of the site and have move the entire site to a faster server to meet the traffic demands.

We are looking for dedicated people who are looking to lend a hand, not only to report new counties (see below for how), but also to write articles. If this is something you are interested in doing do look us up on Facebook and send us a message. Either click the Facebook link or search “Sanctuary Counties” and look for our logo.

You can help!

We are looking for assistance in gathering new Sanctuary Counties to add to our nationwide map, so if you would like to provide up-to-date information about counties which have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions in your state, please feel free to pitch in so that we can all benefit from timely and accurate information.

If you can’t see your county on our map, please fill out this form: