By: David Tripp
5 Feb 2020

Proclamation Given By Steuben County Sheriff

Second amendment rights are under question in many areas of the country with the unstable political climate among Republicans and Democrats, and in lieu of such tension Steuben County Sheriff Rodney L. Robinson released a proclamation on Wednesday on the issue.

In the proclamation, Robinson states that the job of the department is to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, as well as the state of Indiana and that Sheriff Robinson expresses his full faith in the powers of those said documents and that the Sheriff shall not enforce any law that has determined by an appropriate court that violates either document.

Robinson would go on to state that the “Rule of Law” will be enforced, and the “Rule of Force intimidation and fear will be diminished.”

Verification Citation/Source: Steuben County Sheriff’s Office
Writer: Rodney L. Robinson
Resolution date passed: 5 Feb 2020