Morrill County Nebraska, Pending ‘Red Flag’ Bill Prompts Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution


BY Scott Miller
January 31, 2020

Morrill County has become what’s believed to be the first Second Amendment sanctuary county in the state, following unanimous approval of a resolution by the County Board this week.

Morrill County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution during their Jan. 28 meeting which discusses the right to bear arms and says the board will stand and defend the rights and liberties of all county citizens, and support any such decisions by the Sheriff to defend the Constitutions of the United States and Nebraska.

Board chairman Jeff Metz tells Rural Radio News the move is in response to a red flag bill pending in the legislature, which he says really doesn’t protect a person’s right to due process as supporters of the measure say it does. “They’re supposed to prove you’re guilty, and in this case, you’ve got to prove you’re not a risk and you deserve to get your firearms back,” says Metz. “There is an opportunity to do that, but if a judge doesn’t agree, they can renew the order for up to a year, and they renew it after that.”

LB58, a carryover bill this legislative session , would allow authorities, family members or others who believe an individual is a threat to themselves or others to obtain a temporary court order authorizing law enforcement to confiscate that individual’s firearms, without the commission of a crime.

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  1. My opinion if I may is that guns should be in the hands of law enforcement and military. This really helped to develop my thesis statement and claim to turn in. This helped me with a 5-paragraph essay I need due.

    • Someone seriously brainwashed you. I guess I should start from the beginning with you. It all started with a rock.. then man found out you could toss the rock further with a stick, at some point we made wooden spears, then chipped rocks to make a point and attached it to the stick, we learned to throw the spear, we learned how to eventually make slings to the throw rocks. We learned that if we made the spears smaller they would be arrows and launch them with a bow. Each of these were technological advances. Then someone learned how to make gunpowder, then someone learned how to contain its properties to launch it in the air, they then combined it with the arrow. then they learned you could guide it using a tube. they then combined the tube, the rock, and gunpowder to make the first gun. for well over two hundred plus years there was only minor changes aside from the rock becoming lead. Eventually small modification and technological advances produced the musket. Then you have the advent of the rifled barrel, cartridges, caps, plunge rods, smokeless powder, tempered steel, blueing, the ability to make complex geared parts, plastics, alloys and so forth… Invention and advancement will always prevail out of necessity. But lets go back, In the revolutionary war we were under a tyrannical government that taxed us and treated us not as subjects of the crown. The king wanted the americans to pay for his war with france and not put the burden on those in england. When people such as James Otis Jr. tried to speak up about it they tried to deem him a traitor, he risked all he had to notify people of the wrong. Loyalist beat him within an inch of his life and scarred his face and took his wealth. The crown sent a Military Governor Thomas Gage to bring order in Massachusetts around the time of the Boston Tea party, he shut down town halls to once a year and made it where you had to receive his permission for the topic of that one meeting. I can cite plenty of things to you that was done to the settlers prior to the american revolution. But those are things that they leave out of the text books. The second Amendment has many reasons to remain unchanged, one is to defend against from other countries if they ever were to come to america, the second to defend against a tyrannical government that has grown beyond its means and pressing upon the people the same hardships as was done prior to the revolution, lastly the god given right to defend oneself from harm. Criminals do not follow the law, there are corrupt politicians who do not have your best interest at heart, there are other countries who wish to twist your mindset.. but here is a question how long does it take for a cop to get to your house ‘IF’ you get to make the phone call. 5 minutes usually in a city…up to 45 if you are in the country. Yet you are willing to put your life into their hands and not even be willing to defend yourself until they arrive? … your essay is stupid

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