Buffalo Township in Butler County PA, passes Second Amendment measure


By MATT FARRAND The Standard-Journal
4 Feb 2020

MIFFLINBURG — Buffalo Township supervisors passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) Monday night.

The measure prohibits the township from knowingly enforcing what it called “any unlawful act” regarding personal firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition. It specified the township could spend no funds for use in enforcing “unlawful act(s).”

Joseph Wise, supervisor chair, Paul Haines and William Zimmerman, supervisors, each voted in favor.

The ordinance cited the Constitution and notable US Supreme Court cases. They included District of Columbia v. Heller for its support of firearm ownership not connected with service in a militia.

Red flag laws, under which temporary removal of firearms from a person who may be a danger to themselves or others, came under repeated criticism.

Wise said the SASO could be a defense in times when a family may be splitting up. A spouse seeking custody of a child could unjustly accuse their mate of being a child molester and invoke a red flag flag law.

It happened, Wise claimed, to a family member. “They came and subpoenaed him,” Wise said. “He lost his guns for three years. After the third year she finally said, ‘I know I was wrong by saying that. It wasn’t the truth. He never did anything wrong.’ But now he is still on a Megan’s List.”

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