By: Seán O’Donoghue – Lincoln Journal
3 Feb 2020

HAMLIN – Deploying his authority under the town’s “Strong Mayor” model, Hamlin Mayor David Adkins recently declared Hamlin a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” making the Lincoln County seat the latest jurisdiction to join a movement that arose in Virginia is recent weeks.

After comments and questions from council members and the small public attendance at the Monday, February 3, 2020 monthly meeting, the mayor signed the three-page document, described on page 1 as an order and on page 3 as a resolution.Following recent electoral successes for the Democratic Party in neighboring Virginia and promises to enact gun control legislation, Second Amendment protection devotees have sought to have municipalities, counties, and other jurisdictions enact measures that they say protect the constitutional right to bear arms. Various methods have been used and an array of documents have been proposed or enacted.

Some have been voted on by county commissions and city councils. The Hamlin version was enacted by mayoral resolution with no vote taken of the council.According to the document now signed and adopted by Mayor Adkins, Hamlin not only intends to stand as a sanctuary town, but apparently also as a “Sanctuary County.” A Lincoln Journal review of the document following the meeting, uncovered what appears to have been an oversight. The language in the resolution appears to have not been changed sufficiently from a previous draft. On page 2, the resolution reads:

•Whereas, the Town of Hamlin of Lincoln County, West Virginia wishes to express its intent to stand as a Sanctuary County for Second Amendment rights.

The approval of the document by the mayor came after brief discussion at the February 3 meeting. Four council members were present, the fifth, Deidra Roberts, being unable to attend due to illness. “Everyone knows a resolution is not law enforceable,” said Mayor Adkins opening the brief discussion on the proposal. “This is just to say, that being a town, agree with the Second Amendment, and that the town is a sanctuary,” said the mayor.”I have a question or concern about that,” said Councilwoman Trina Barrett. “Are other towns adopting this?” she asked.”Fort Gay did,” replied the mayor. “They didn’t adopt this. They adopted an ordinance. The county is getting ready to do it,” added Mayor Adkins regarding the Lincoln County Commission.

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