Davie County NC, passes a ‘Constitutional Rights Protection County’ resolution.


By David Tripp
03 Feb 2020

Verification Citation/Source: Davie County Board of Commissioners
Resolution date passed: 3 Feb 2020
Vote Count: 5-0 Unanimous


  1. PTL! I was at the Commissioners’ meeting in Davie County and spoke up for the 2A. Although our Resolution was passed unanimously, I believe it could use a little more backbone and a full set of teeth. I submitted a GOA SASO template for the Board’s review, in hopes of making the Resolution more solid. However, I’m pleased with the Board for approving a Resolution and for a large turnout by the fine citizens of the County.

    • Yes alot of these commissioners are watering down any resolutions in fear the county will get sued, or lose funding. It is tepid at best. In Craven county we had an original resolution proposed that had teeth, they removed an essential part that would have refused to allow personnel, services and structures but it was removed in the counties version presented. Though they did replace it with them lobbying and litigating on the peoples behalf, it was a give and take situation. We had many to show up, and very few to talk against, most spoke in favor and pointed out the lack of teeth. At this point its less about extents and more about a united front of the people. Expose the ones willing to freely give your rights away so that the people can remove and vote them out of office.

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