Nicholas County KY, Becomes A ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ County


29 Jan 2020
By: Melissa Mitchell

Nicholas County is now a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary County’; magistrates voted to approve the Second Amendment resolution during the special called meeting on Friday night.
Several constituents of Nicholas County attended the special called meeting to show support for or oppose the Second Amendment resolution that was being considered by the magistrates.

Nicholas County Judge Executive Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order and gave a brief discussion of the agenda item to be discussed. He explained that any individual who would like to speak would be allowed to do so in an orderly fashion, with only a few minutes allotted per individual. Everyone was to be respectful during the meeting and every voice would be heard whether for or against the Amendment.

Danny Whitt, speaker in favor of the Second Amendment Resolution, explained that he, along with others, support the Amendment and encourage the court to pass the said resolution to protect citizens’ right to have the right to bear arms.

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