Georgia Map - Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

We were recently sent this map of the latest updates to the Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties map for the State of Georgia. We would like to wholeheartedly thank those who sent this map to us as gathering this information can be very time consuming so we appreciate all the help we can get.

If there are any organizations out there that are creating these maps for other states who would like to help get the word out about how the Sanctuary Counties movement is progressing within your state, please feel free to email

Additionally, we are looking for assistance in gathering new sanctuary counties to add to our nationwide map, so if you would like to provide up-to-date information about counties which have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions in your state, please feel free to pitch in so that we can all benefit from timely and accurate information.

All you have to do if you want to help is check out this spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet lists over 640 counties that we have found who have declared Second Amendment Sanctuary status in one form or another. If your county is not on the list, please click the link to the form that is on the spreadsheet and you can submit your county for inclusion on the nationwide map.