Grundy County TN, votes yes,”Second Amendment Sanctuary” movement growing statewide,


January 28th 2020

GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. — The movement to make counties into”Second Amendment Sanctuaries” is growing across Tennessee.

Commission members in Grundy County and Sequatchie County have voted to have their counties be official “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

Such a designation means law enforcement and county officials would not enforce any new gun control laws that some would consider unconstitutional.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum confirms to NewsChannel 9 that all 9 commissioners voted for the measure on Monday night.

Shrum recently expressed support for the designation on the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, saying last week “Right now, our Second Amendment righs under a vicious and relentless attack. I am committed to defending that right for our country, state and county. I completely and wholly support a resolution that would declare Grundy County a Second Amendment sanctuary. One of the greatest resources any Sheriff could have are gun owning, law abiding citizens.”

Meanwhile, the Dunlap News reports that many supporters of such a designation showed up at Monday night’s Sequatchie County Commission meeting.

The online newspaper reports, “It was standing room only at tonight’s meeting of the Sequatchie County Commission. Most of the more than 100 in attendance were there in support of a proposal presented by George Burns for the county to be declared a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. When County Executive Keith Cartwright asked for a show of hands of who was attending to support the measure, most raised their hands. When Burns invited all those opposed to raise their hands, no one did.”

Commissioners advanced the measure, and it will be discussed at a later meeting.

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