Knox County KY, joins others in becoming 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County

By Jarrod Mills Staff Writer Jan 25, 2020


KNOX COUNTY — On Wednesday, Knox County became the second county in the Tri-County to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County.

The Knox County Fiscal Court passed a resolution during its regularly scheduled meeting making Knox County one of 40+ Kentucky counties to pass a similar 2nd Amendment resolution.

“The court members all felt a need to pass that, not that we can change anything,” said Knox County Judge Executive Mike Mitchell. “State and federal law supersede anything we do, but we passed as a way to show support that we want the Constitution in the future going forward, to remain the same as it is, as it was intended for Knox Countians the right to keep and bear arms.”

Knox County 5th District Magistrate Darryl Baker said the resolution acted as a way to show the rest of the state that Knox Countians support the 2nd Amendment.

“Of course that’s something that we swear to when we take office, we swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth,” Baker said. “It’s just important. I’m a gun owner myself, so it’s just important to me that we show the rest of the state and some of our political leaders that may want to infringe upon our rights that kind of the way that we stand.”

Knox County’s second district Magistrate Stacey Roark said he supported the resolution, but that he would also like to see a vote take place on the issue during May’s upcoming primary election.

“Let all of the people voice their opinion,” said Roark. “I would like for it to be spoken plain and clear, like ‘do you support the 2nd Amendment? Yes or No?’ That way it would be clear and not misunderstood, not worded in a way where people won’t know whether to vote yes or no. I feel like everyone oughta be able to speak their piece, not just the elected officials, not just the fiscal court.” … to read the full article click here