Two Vermont communities have adopted symbolic designations as Second Amendment “sanctuary” towns.

The towns of Holland and Pittsford are the first communities in the state to adopt the resolutions this year, the Caledonian Record reported.

The designations come as the Vermont Legislature considers tougher gun restrictions, including a bill that would prohibit the possession of semiautomatic assault weapons in a variety of places, such as publicly owned buildings or offices, houses of worship, public parks, stadiums and theaters.

Another bill would require a 72-hour waiting period for the purchase of a firearm.

House legislation has been introduced requiring that people who have restraining orders against them relinquish all firearms until the orders expire.

The language adopted by the Holland select board Wednesday states that no town official or agent should enforce an “unlawful act” involving firearms or use town funds to do so. It contends that local governments have legal authority to refuse to cooperate with state and federal firearm laws that violate Second Amendment rights.

According to the resolution, “unlawful acts” include registration of firearms, limits on sales or transfer of firearms, and limits on types of firearms, attachments and ammunition.

The board’s resolution stating it supports gun rights is symbolic and nonbinding, Holland Town Clerk Diane Judd said.

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