Updated Map of American Sanctuary Counties – 1/23/2020

Here is the most up to date map we have of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties across the United States. Please share this thing far and wide. If you know of any county that is not already listed on the map as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, please let us know in the comments below. Also please include a link to a news story or a government web page or something else that verifies that the county has passed an Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution. We will get it updated as soon as we can.

Thank you!


  1. Wyoming county New York is not a 2A sanctuary.

    There was a resolution passed in 2017 but it is weak. Efforts are presently taking place in New York State with the GOA SASO. Steuben County will be submitting on January 27, 2020. Wyoming county is working on a SASO and has the county Sheriff on board, so far, that is it.

    NYS will have SASO action taking place over the course of 2020.

    Contact me with any questions. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the update I will make the corrections for the next map release. Whenever you have any updated info I would love to hear it. The initial map may have some flaws that we are trying to have corrected over the next few weeks. 3000+ counties across the nation. Having someone more locally associated with the state would help tremendously. Unlike most other sites we are going with a more pass/fail model instead of speculation where they use 5 colors to notate various stages of the process. It’s more of a are they or are they not. We may end up adding a fail color(red) for counties that ultimately denied passing. but that may be down the road. You can reach me anytime at onikou32@hotmail.com or through comments here.

  2. I have advocated making Scott County, Tennessee a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. The vote by the County Commission will be February 18, 2020. Commissioner, David Jeffers

    • That is great news, yeah we got word on that date but it is great to hear directly from a commissioner. If it does pass we would love a copy of the signed resolution, and maybe a picture of all the commissioners who voted in favor with it. Nothing wrong with shamelessly promoting your good efforts in your community, especially when you are actively standing up for them.

    • We currently have 21 confirmed on the back end. The next map will not be released until around the 19th or 20th due to the large volume nationwide of meetings occuring on the 17th and 18th here in Feb. You put this message on an old version of the map as well check the Map Updates section on the website for the 12 Feb 2020 map.

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