Marion Co Ky, Court approves resolution supporting Second Amendment


By: Gerard Flanagan
22 Jan 2020

Across the state of Kentucky, county after county has passed a resolution showing support for the Second Amendment.

On Thursday, Marion County Fiscal Court did the same.

A large crowd, most of whom was affiliated with Kentucky United, filled the meeting room, with some standing in the back and some arriving just after the meeting began. The court unanimously approved a resolution affirming its support for the Second Amendment, and many of those in attendance thanked the court and clapped in approval.

Some neighboring counties have also had debate on Second Amendment resolutions. Boyle, Casey, LaRue and Taylor counties have all passed Second Amendment resolutions. Washington County, however, did not pass a Second Amendment resolution at its meeting on Jan. 13. According to Washington County Judge/Executive Timothy Graves, the resolution was not adopted due to concerns that wording in the resolution might imply the court would act contrary to state law. Graves added he has been working to prepare a resolution for discussion and approval at a future meeting that affirms support for the Second Amendment and withstands legal muster.

Kentucky United is a statewide group that was formed recently in support of the Second Amendment following legislative action in Virginia on firearms. The group has also spearheaded efforts to have counties and local governments across the state pass resolutions affirming their support for the Second Amendment. 

A resolution, however, is not legally binding, unlike an ordinance, which has the force of law. A resolution affirms a government body’s stance on a particular issue.

“I can understand your concerns with what’s happening in other states,” said Marion County Judge/Executive David Daugherty before the resolution passed.

Judge Daugherty also read a statement before the court approved the resolution:

“I appreciate all the recent calls and conversation regarding the consideration of a resolution to affirm the Second Amendment rights of Marion County citizens. As Judge/Executive, I feel that one of the most important functions in my position is to consider the opinions, concerns and ideas presented to my office in the course of our daily activities. Based upon the recent citizens’ interest regarding Second Amendment issues, and considering input from our magistrates, we propose to consider passage of a Marion County resolution supporting the Second Amendment rights of our citizens.”

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