One of our followers has been working hard to track down every Sanctuary County in the country. I would like to first thank him for his service (he is a Veteran) and secondly I’d like to thank him for putting in the hard work to build out this map. He researched multiple websites to put this thing together, but if you know of any county that is currently a Second Amendment Sanctuary County and is not represented on this map, please comment below. We will try to get it added and have an update published as soon as possible.

If the featured image above is obstructed, here is another copy:

American Sanctuary Counties Map

Seriously, if your county declared itself a gun sanctuary and is not already green on this map, please let us know in the comments section and if you can, please include a link to a news story that verifies it. Thank you!


    • Actually, we created our own map. However, you all are doing awesome work over on the Wikipedia page as well. Thanks for keeping everything up to date over there! I just wanted to make sure and respond so you didn’t think we were just stealing your map and using it. We actually built our own.

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