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Scioto County, Ohio becomes 2A sanctuary county

By Ivy Potter POSTED ON JANUARY 16, 2020


After opening the floor for comments from citizens briefly during their meeting Thursday morning, Commissioners voted to adopt a resolution declaring the opposition of Scioto County to any restrictions on the Second Amendment.

The resolution itself declared the opposition of Scioto County to any restrictions on the Second Amendment and stated the Board of Commissioners in Scioto County wish to resolve to protect the right to bear arms in Scioto County, Ohio even if state and federal laws are passed restricting ownership or possession.

Commissioners reminded the public that their resolution would only serve as documented support for the Second Amendment by the county and would not alter or create any new laws.

“We are reaffirming our support for the Second Amendment,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis. “Some people have asked us, “Why waste the time?” Well, we do resolutions for retirees. Why do we take the time to do that? It’s important. We take time to honor law enforcement and firefighters and people like that. Why do we do that? Because it’s important. I believe our Second Amendment is important as well as all 27 amendments to our constitution are important.”

Davis listed several additional amendments that followed the Second Amendment to protect a person’s individual rights. “Our founding fathers that created these used great wisdom in doing so, we’re not here to debate laws. We’re here to merely support the Second Amendment,” said Davis.

The adoption of the resolution placed Scioto County among a handful of other counties who have declared themselves 2A or Second Amendment Sanctuary counties. … to read the full article click here.

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