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After about three hours of discussion and comments, Waynesboro City Council took no action on a proposed resolution to make the city a “constitutional city.”

Around 400 people gathered at Kate Collins Middle School in Waynesboro on Monday night to share their thoughts on a resolution to declare the city a Second Amendment Sanctuary, like over 100 other localities across Virginia.

More than three dozen people spoke at the meeting Monday night, with the majority of them asking city council to pass the resolution.

However, the resolution written by city council would have made the city a ‘constitutional city,’ rather than a Second Amendment Sanctuary. City council member Bobby Henderson said Virginia’s longstanding Dillon Rule prevented the city from becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

That’s the same rule that Virginia judges have ruled prevents local governments from removing Confederate monuments.

Henderson said they were required to follow state and federal law, but they did believe the gun control bills proposed in the General Assembly pose a risk to the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

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