Sanctuary Counties News

It’s an election year, so a lot of the bills introduced in the Arizona Legislature won’t get very far, but they’ll play well with their sponsors’ constituents back home. That’s what we expect Leo Biasiucci’s bill to make Arizona a Second Amendment sanctuary state will amount to. It’s a symbolic message at the state capitol, but it’s a stronger reassurance to the gun-loving voters who put Biasiucci in office.

Biasiucci, a freshman legislator in his second year in office, is fulfilling a promise he made late last year when Mohave County was considering its own Second Amendment sanctuary proposal. County Supervisor Hildy Angius asked Biasiucci, who was attending the board meeting in support of the county’s proposal, to bring a similar measure to the state capitol, acknowledging such declarations are more effective at the state level. Biasiucci agreed, and three months later, he introduced HB 2093, also called the “Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act.”

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