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Gun-rights issue brings crowd to Metcalfe County KY, Fiscal Court

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EDMONTON – Metcalfe County Fiscal Court held off Tuesday on joining several other county governments that have approved various versions of actions supporting their residents’ right to own firearms, though several members of the public spoke passionately in favor.

The issue appears far from dead, however.

Magistrate Kenny Scott mentioned at the Dec. 23 meeting that he’d heard a resolution was circulating and after slight discussion, it was decided they would invite some of the local supporters back for the Jan. 14 meeting. The fiscal court was advised by County Attorney Barry Gilley at that time that such a resolution would have no legal binding.

Resolutions passed by several Kentucky counties have intended to essentially make them “sanctuary” places where any attempts to infringe on the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution would not be enforced.

Judge-Executive Stilts said a proposed resolution had been delivered to him Jan. 2, but he had concerns about some of the wording. It said the fiscal court would “not recognize the authority or jurisdiction of any state or federal entity that attempts to infringe on our residents’ Constitutional rights by any means, including but not limited to red flag laws, magazine restrictions, firearm restrictions, ammo restrictions, bans and/or confiscations, as their power does not supersede that of our Creator or the Constitution.”

It would resolve that the fiscal court would use “any legal means at its disposal” to protect the rights, up to and including directing the county’s law enforcement and judiciary “to not enforce any unconstitutional laws.” The proposed resolution would have the fiscal court urging the Kentucky General Assembly, the U.S. Congress and any other state or federal agencies “to not only vigilantly preserve and protect those rights moving forward, but to also remove any current provisions,

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