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A House Republican lawmaker has filed legislation targeting any future laws that would require those who are found to be a threat to themselves or others to surrender their weapons.

State Rep. Ken Pullin, a Zebulon Republican, said he believes “red flag” laws, which would that takes guns away from a citizen that a judge deems to be a threat, violates due process rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Pullin’s legislation would challenge any future measure since federal law supersedes state law.

So-called “red flag” proposals received attention last summer after President Donald Trump suggested passing the gun law in response to high-profile mass shootings in Texas and Ohio — putting focus on a similar Georgia proposal. Trump has since cooled on pushing for the ban.

Since then, “anti-red flag” bills have gained popularity as gun rights supporters have sought to create “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

“Under my bill, if U.S. Congress passes ‘red flag’ legislation or if an executive order is issued by president where the sole intent was to confiscate guns, then Georgia would be exempt from enforcing that legislation,” Pullin said.

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