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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear was in Paducah Monday to present a $360,000 grant to Lotus, a sexual assault and child abuse advocacy center that serves west Kentucky.

While he was here, he also talked with Local 6 about other issues that affect you.

The Second Amendment sanctuary movement

The movement is a push for local governments to declare themselves a sanctuary and protector of the right to bear arms.

Currently, the Marshall County Fiscal Court is working on creating a revised draft of the ordinance. Beshear said the Second Amendment is strong and already protects people’s rights. He went on to say that he doesn’t see any infringement on that right.

“Well, I think the information is out there that these resolutions or ordinances don’t carry the force of law, but if those that are coming together to push them think it is an important statement to communicate with those in Frankfort, I encourage them lifting up their voice and making it heard in our system of state government,” Beshear said.

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