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Saslaw VA, Hot Mic – 2nd Amendment Supporters are “crazy” and “like little kids”


At the Pre-2020 Session Public Hearing of the Fairfax County General Assembly Delegation, Richard Saslaw was apparently caught in a few unflattering Hot Mic moments where he can be heard discussing his opinion of the Second Amendment supporters that were there to speak. In this video from Freedom Videos on YouTube, you can hear Saslaw refer to the speakers as “crazy” and “like little kids.”

We did not create this video, but thought it should be shared. Check out Freedom Videos (link above) to see the full, unedited video of the Fairfax County meeting as well as the clip in question. You might also want to give them a Subscribe as it appears that they are just getting started. Make sure you crank up the volume for the video below as it’s a bit difficult to hear.


  1. Sorry, but no level of government has the power nor the authority to curb individual rights.

    It’s how the Founders established our system(s) of government and why we are a Republic with a Constitution and not a democracy. Majority rule can be wrong and immoral just see slavery in the time of those same Founders. Only the individual can decide for themselves whether or not they want to keep and bear arms, incriminate themselves, pursue religious beliefs or express their opinions publicly etc. It is not the government’s job to choose for them.

  2. This is saddening…a severe over stepping of civil duty to infringe upon the rights of individuals as you believe your opinion interprets how its actually delegated otherwise against the written words of the U.S. Constitution yet we are children for standing by that right to fight the tyrannical movement in which we are faced with? Not by pre-filed Virginia assembly laws but with pre-filed Bloomberg laws…”Shall not be infringed” is the clearest statement in the second amendment and still, you consider us children when we have been awake and aware of this consistent encroachment and are now showing you the seriousness of our devotion TO LAW when ALL OF YOU have shown your back to the Constitution of the United States which is the one and only absolute foundation of our existing government…how dare you belittle us and make believe you hold power and sway when your position exists because of the people, for the people and only by the people!

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