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Sussex Borough, NJ joins the fight

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While apparently avoiding the term “Sanctuary” in their resolution, Sussex Borough, NJ has made it clear that they oppose new gun control laws that impact law-abiding citizens, rather than violent criminals whom they should be directed at.

“We didn’t want to have people seeing the word ‘sanctuary’ and thinking that now they can do whatever they want,” said Space, whose family owns Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Wantage. “You still have to stay within the laws of New Jersey, but it’s a definite statement of how law-abiding citizens feel about having their freedoms taken away while the state keeps pushing ahead with wanting to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and giving voting rights to convicted felons.”
“It’s our way of saying, ‘Don’t tread on us anymore,’”

Assemblyman Parker Space, Sussex Borough, NJ

Sussex Borough joins West Milford, NJ in joining this Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.

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