Sanctuary Counties News

Sadly, unlike Harlan County, Kentucky, Marshall County appears to be having some early trouble in their efforts to become a Sanctuary County. This is a good area to watch also because it appears that some of the cities in Marshall County appear to be preparing to file injunctions against the ordinance if it is passed.

Even worse, they appear to have a County Attorney, Sheriff and Judge-Executive that have expressed their hesitation in supporting any Sanctuary County resolutions. That is not to say that the fight is over in this county. Remember, many if not all of these positions are elected. It just looks as though there may be a bit more of a fight on the hands of the good folks in Marshall County. They may need to do some groundwork to get these folks voted out in the next election. We discussed the need to get these people on your side in our post, “How to become a Sanctuary County.”

Keep an eye on this effort, however. This may be a tactic that other cities in Sanctuary Counties attempt to employ.

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