More action in Kentucky as Boone County prepares to become a Sanctuary County

Boone County Kentucky

According to this story from WKRC Local 12, the good folks out in Boone County, KY are working to become the first county in Northern Kentucky to declare themselves a Sanctuary County. Citing the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, Boone County residents are standing up to declare that any laws that are passed that conflict with the Constitution are null and void.

Boone County isn’t the only county in Kentucky that has taken up this fight. As we reported here not too long ago, Harlan County, Kentucky recently declared themselves a Sanctuary County as well.

Keep up the good work, Boone County!

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Would you like to help your county become a Sanctuary County?

If you live in a county that is not already a Sanctuary County, then check out our post, “How to become a Sanctuary County,” which lists some steps and information that you can use to make your county a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Link Below