Don’t trust Virginia Democrats on gun control


Despite the fact Virginia Democrats have partially bowed to gun owners due to the overwhelming response to their gun seizure efforts, the fact is they cannot be trusted.

Enter Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy as a prime example.

Following Democrats introducing Draconian measures to ban firearms in Virginia, one of her constituents sent the following to Carroll Foy:

“If SB 16 comes up for passage and a companion bill arises in the House, I respectfully request to know your position. Specifically, I want to know if you are supportive of the language for the following:
– Possession of an assault rifle- carrying a shotgun with more than seven rounds 

– import, sell, barter, or transfer any firearm magazine designed to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
Link to SB 16:

Please answer in writing addressing these specific questions.  Thank you.”

Pretty clear, right? Answer two questions yes or no.

Here’s her response:

“It is Delegate Carroll Foy’s duty and privilege to uphold the Constitution and the Second Amendment; and she respects the right to safe and legal gun ownership. Her mission is to respect law-abiding gun owners while making communities safer from gun violence. She also believes that Virginia needs to enact common-sense gun safety measures to reduce gun violence that is consistent with the Second Amendment. She believes this includes universal background checks, for example.

We hope we can find common ground on some parts of this issue, as well as other issues. Thank you again for your outreach. 

The Office of Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy”

That’s a non-answer that should make gun owners shudder for a few different reasons.

Carroll Foy’s stance

Carroll Foy has already gone on record saying she wants the following:

– Ban large capacity magazines

– One-gun-a-month restrictions

– Ban suppressors

Carroll Foy is borrowing her talking points from Everytown For Gun Safety, the Michael Bloomberg-funded lying machine. In case you missed it, the ultra-liberal Washington Post chided Everytown last year for false information following the shooting in Parkland, Florida. This follows another WaPo investigation in 2015 that also showed Everytown lied about their numbers.

Why should this scare you? As the Washington Post reported in May, Carroll Foy formed a “political action committee to help other Democrats get elected around Virginia, becoming the second woman in the legislature to do so as a possible step toward running for statewide office.”

That’s right. Carrol Foy wants to run for governor in 2021. This woman won’t answer basic yes or no questions, even on a subject she’s clear about. She wants to ban large capacity magazines, but won’t acknowledge her stance.

This is why you should never trust Virginia Democrats on gun control. They do not want “common sense gun reform.” They want government overreach in the form of gun control, plain and simple.

Do you want to do something about these new gun laws?

Well, have you registered to vote yet? Complaining about the new proposed laws with random people on Twitter is not going to solve the problem. You MUST register yourself to vote along with anybody else you know. Get your cousin, uncle, mother, father, niece, nephew and your best friend to register and vote. Then, on election day, for the love of God, show up! If you or someone you know is not already registered, find out how to do so here:


  1. Law abiding firearm owners need to appear at this and every Democrat campaign appearance and respectfully ask them how they stand on the Virginia right to own firearms. We must insist on clear cut answers, not wishy washy political answers. We must be insistent that our rights be upheld as dearly as others hold their right to speech.

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