In episode 1139 of The Dan Bongino Show, Dan rips into the Democrats currently preparing to enact draconian new gun laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Basically, he is of the opinion that if they think that they can ignore the will of more than 90% of the counties in Virginia, then perhaps those counties should just ignore them in return.

“If the Democrats and the tyrannical police staters are going to ignore the will of the people, ignore the constitution, blow their nose with the constitution like a Kleenex, then ladies and gentlemen we should start ignoring them.”

Dan Bongino

As he points out in an article in the Washington Examiner, 90% of Virginia counties have become gun ‘sanctuaries,’ expanding the movement to nine states. He also makes a very astute comment that I actually hadn’t heard before, but seems so obvious when you really think about it.

“You see the whole purpose of the constitution is that they’re binding rules for all of us. The liberals seem to think they’re only binding rules for conservatives.”

He also points out the fact that if liberals want to set up sanctuary cities where they get to ignore federal immigration laws, then conservatives will just take a page out of their book and set up sanctuary counties where they get to observe constitutional gun laws.

I bet it pisses them off so bad that we’re using their tactics against them. However, in the defense of conservatives, at least in our sanctuaries, we are actually following constitutional laws rather than ignoring them. As Bongino points out, there is no constitutional right to migrate to the United States. In that way, we stand apart.

Regardless, it’s nice to see some well-known personalities actually observing and sharing what’s going on here in Virginia. By the way, if you weren’t aware, Dan Bongino recently launched the Bongino Report; a conservative alternative to the garbage (and recently left leaning) Drudge Report. You should definitely check it out:

One other thing that Dan points out is the sheer stupidity of Virginia lawmakers who are even considering the concept of utilizing the National Guard to confiscate weapons from American citizens. It is not only an extremely dumb idea, but it also puts our National Guard and our citizens in danger. We can only hope that cooler and less idiotic heads prevail.