The following blog post is an email from the VCDL’s email list:

The first time I heard, “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, I realized it was the perfect song for VCDL, as it describes our sheer will and determination.

Kenneth Hall, a patriot from Nebraska who is also a singer, approached us and told us we could use any of the songs he has recorded free of charge.  Having listened to a few of his songs, I asked him if he could do a special version of Petty’s song for VCDL.

He agreed and the song (a parody version) is called “We Won’t Back Down” and is royalty free for our use!

The end of the strong stresses the unity and solidarity we are getting from gun owners across the nation.  “We Won’t Back Down” will be heard at the start of the rally on Lobby Day at 11 am on 1/20/20 and at the start of other future VCDL events.

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