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Spotsylvania County stands up to tyranny! Unanimous vote to pass Sanctuary County resolution!


Spotsylvania County’s Board of Supervisors just issued a unanimous vote in support of the Sanctuary County resolution. After hours of speeches from concerned citizens in support of the resolution, the board took the final vote to pass it!

The decision was just announced, so I will post some photos in a bit, but I wanted to get this post online. Stay tuned for more!

It was an amazing turnout here in Spotsylvania. Some estimated more than 800 people showed up to make their voices heard. The meeting started a bit late, and lasted for hours. Citizens from across our great county turned out in droves to tell the elites in Richmond that their right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Bryce Reeves and Nick Freitas made appearances, as well as our amazing Sherrif, Roger Harris.

Let me just say that there were some seriously moving speeches. I am SO upset that I missed recording some of the first ones because there was at least one or two that were simply amazing! I was so mad at myself for not recording them. I may post some of the speeches at a later date.

I’ll be real with you though, there was talk of some pretty serious stuff. There was talk of militias, there was talk of deputizing the whole county, there was talk of civil war and unrest; blood in the streets. It is a bit scary, but I really don’t think these folks in Richmond really comprehend the size and ferocity of the bear that they are so arrogantly poking.

There are people here; citizens/patriots who will not be disarmed. I really hope that Northam and his cronies wake up and get a feel for just what kind of fight they have on their hands here. I also hope that every Republican who stayed home on election day sees this as their wake up call. They are coming for your right to bear arms, and any other right that they see fit to trample upon. Now is the time to stand up for your rights and those of your children and their children.

One common refrain that we heard throughout the night was that this entire Sanctuary Counties movement is just symbolic. It has no teeth, no power, etc, etc. The response: The Boston Tea Party was symbolic, hell even the Declaration of Independence was symbolic. Our history is filled with symbolic statements that have resulted in us having the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. They should not be discounted.

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