Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming. Yeah, not a lot of hands up, I’d imagine. So our gun-grabbing governor has seen the outrage from the sanctuary counties movement and responded by doing exactly what he planned on doing all along; backing off a few of the proposed restrictions while leaving others in place. Chiefly, the lack of a grandfather clause.

Now, of course, you can be grandfathered in as long as you appropriately register your firearm by the appointed date… Yeah… About that… Anyone who thinks registering their grandfathered weapon with the gun-grabber in chief is a good idea is welcome to just hand them over to someone who wants them more because as soon as Northam or another of his ilk gets a chance, he’ll come up with some method by which to remove them from your possession further down the road. The task will become much easier at that point because they’ll then know exactly where to go to get them.

Let’s be honest now; we all know that this was the plan the entire freaking time. You ask for the moon and then walk it back to just a little bit to some simple grandfathering and just a smidge of registration. Sounds reasonable, right? Just some common-sense gun legislation, right? Wrong…

Northam and his cronies are welcome to keep moonwalking right on back to the point of introducing zero new restrictions on our second amendment rights; because we’re having none of it.

Read the full story at the Virginia Mercury.

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  1. Do not give in, my brothers and sisters. Not one more law. You are in the right, here. The more we give the more they take.

    Peaceful separation or war.

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