Navarro, McCulloch, and Titus counties TX, unanimous votes on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.


The commissioners’ courts in Navarro, McCulloch, and Titus counties all unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to become Second Amendment “sanctuaries” on Monday. 

“I’ve had a lot of citizens ask me about this,” said Eddie Moore, a Navarro county commissioner, “and there have been eleven counties prior to us to do this in the state of Texas. And this basically shows the commissioners’ court and the county’s support for the right to keep and bear arms, and that we will not allow county funds or county personnel to assist in the infringement of those rights.” 

Moore told The Texan that he had been working on introducing and passing the resolution for about a month and a half, around the time when the movement in Texas started gaining traction. 

While mostly in rural areas, over a tenth of all counties in Texas have passed the resolution that the local governments will not “authorize or appropriate government funds or resources” to enforce “unconstitutional” firearm restrictions. 

How new gun laws are determined to be “unconstitutional” is unclear. According to the officials passing the resolutions, the counties are not saying that they will stop enforcing current restrictions, such as requiring a license to carry. However, some have said that it means they will not enforce new regulations, such as red flag laws or outright gun confiscation. … to read the full article click here.