Philip Van Cleave is fighting for your rights. What are you doing?


What did you do to advance the cause of the second amendment sanctuary movement today? Did you post on facebook? Did you send a tweet? Well, Philip Van Cleave took to the airwaves today to let the country know that Virginia is in this fight and we aren’t backing down.

Phil made an appearance on the Glenn Beck show today to discuss the ridiculous new gun laws being proposed, and the outcry from everyday Virginians as they comprehend the extent to which the democrat elites are pushing to strip them of their constitutionally guaranteed rights. You should definitely give this episode a listen. You can hear his 11-minute interview at about 30 minutes into the episode embedded below.

He also warned the people that this is not an isolated issue. Virginia is NOT the only state that will bear this burden. We need to make an example here. We need to let these democrats know that there is a line and that they have crossed it. There is nowhere to run. You have to stand and fight. You cannot simply move to another state because guess what, they’re heading there next.

No, Virginia is where this fight has to be. Here is where we fight. Here is where they lose. If you didn’t vote in the last election, consider this your wake up call. They’re coming for your guns, and they aren’t messing around. So get out there and get active. Get in touch with the Virginia GOP.

I will be posting information on this site in the future that you can use to get involved and take this state back. Until then, stay motivated, attend your Board of Supervisors meetings and for the love of God, get out and vote in the next election!

If you’d like to help the GOP get the word out in the next election, please feel free to add a comment on this post, or send an email to I made some new contacts today and I can put you in touch with some people that can get you involved.