King George seeks 2nd Amendment sanctuary status


The Free Lance Star reports a resolution that would make King George a “Second Amendment sanctuary” where officials would refuse to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws.

Jeff Bueche, chairman of the King George Board of Supervisors, recently retired after 20 years in the Coast Guard. He’s concerned legislation could impact his ability to hunt and shoot as he’s always done.

If passed, King George will become the first county in the Fredericksburg region to do so, although every locality from Culpeper County east to Westmoreland County is considering such a resolution, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League website.

From Lee County in the southwestern tip of Virginia to communities outside Richmond and Roanoke and into central Piedmont, local government officials in 20 localities have passed the sanctuary resolution in the three weeks since the Nov. 5 election, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League website.

“A whole lot more are on the way,” declares the site. The site lists more than 50 other counties from Accomack to York that are considering the resolution.

Concerns from gun owners spiked when Democrats won control of the House of Delegates and the state Senate. Many of these legislators Come from urban areas of the state. The General Assembly doesn’t convene until Jan. 8.

There are already rumblings about a dozen bills that range from more extensive background checks for those interested in purchasing a firearm to ones that impact the transportation of assault rifles from one place to another.

Bueche said such a law could prohibit him from taking his AR-15 to a shooting range. Other legislation might make it illegal for parents to shoot assault rifles with children.

Thank you, Supervisor Bueche!