Cherokee County TX, Commissioners adopt resolution supporting Second Amendment

By Jo Anne Embleton Nov 26, 2019


RUSK – County leaders threw their support behind local constituents Tuesday, adopting a resolution declaring Cherokee County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, to the approval of a courtroom filled with supporters.

Describing the court as “men of character, principle and morality (who are) dedicated public servants of Cherokee County and their community,” resident Chris Dover lauded their actions.

“This is not a line on a political resume,” he reminded them. “Realize that you are drawing a line in the sand. Much like founders and framers of this great nation, you’re pledging your lives, your fortune and your sacred honor to seal our county from unconstitutional state and federal over-reach.”

But, he added, “you are not alone; you have a lot of people in your county who will stand with you and pledge the same … I pray that when and if the time comes to stand, you will remember why you passed it.”

Cherokee joins Smith and Wood counties in adopting resolutions proclaiming itself as a sanctuary for the Second Amendment. … to read the full article click here