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Polk Co. TN, Commission Declares County to Be Gun Sanctuary to Protect Second Amendment Rights


April 22, 2019
Jason M. Reynolds

Polk County has declared itself to be a sanctuary – not for illegal immigrants, but for law-abiding gun owners.

At Thursday evening’s Polk County Commission meeting, the County Commission voted 8-1 to adopt a resolution declaring Polk a gun sanctuary to protect citizens’ Second Amendment rights, according to a story by the Cleveland Daily Banner. The county is the first in the state to do so. The resolution is based on one passed by in neighboring Cherokee County, North Carolina in March.

More than 200 counties in nine states have vowed not to enforce new state measures that restrict gun access, and 132  have voted to become gun sanctuaries despite questions of the measure’s constitutionality.

Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross, who supported the resolution, spoke to Chattanooga’s NewsChannel 9.

“The vast majority of America feels that we have a second amendment right to bear arms, and we have a right to protect our family and our homes,” Ross said. “We don’t feel the government has a right to come in and take guns from law abiding people that have done nothing wrong.”

The resolution does not protect law-breaking citizens with guns, but instead protects gun owners from the passage of laws that would interfere with their right to bear arms, the TV station said. … to read the full article click here.

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