American Sanctuary Counties Map

This map of 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties quickly demonstrates how out of touch traditional media is with you know… the people who are supposedly consuming their product. Similar to the low percent probability ratings many outlets quickly gave then Presidential candidate Trump of beating Hillary Clinton, or in the more recent UK elections, pro-Brexit Conservatives landslide over the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats. (But media seems pretty hush-hush on that for some reason.)

Both of these “upsets” occurred after the media painted a far different picture of the people’s support.

Those points aren’t meant to dive into a political debate but rather point out the same old game of the media willing something into reality. No matter where you turn on the TV, web, or radio – it seems there’s always a segment about how guns are bad and someone is passing laws to restrict them. So much so, it gives you the sense that the entire country must be in favor of those restrictive laws and you are in the minority.

The sea of growing green on this map paints a better picture of reality – most regions of the country do in fact respect the 2nd Amendment and support the right to bear arms.

As Virginia pushes the issue in to further spotlight, expect to see many other counties join the movement. Many have previously declared themselves 2nd Amendment counties as precautionary measures, but others are joining in solidarity. While Wyoming evokes a “ya think?” reaction, their resolutions like others only bolsters their pro-constitution brothers and sisters in other states. (Added bonus of the map, great places to live!)

Florida for example now has 10 sanctuary counties, including Santa Rosa County passing their resolution just three days after the NAS Pensacola shooting. Hopefully these adoptions will also remind politicians of just who their constituents are.

Sanctuary counties is an unfortunate necessity with the Supreme Court again refusing to make a decisive ruling on gun control. While many hoped that the early-December hearing would put an end to the debate so we could once again get a modern interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

This map of sanctuary counties serves to remind all of us, no the entire country isn’t working to undo the constitutional rights – but there’s an active plan in the works to convince us that we are the minority and we should just get with the program.

Watch/read the news, but don’t let them fool you.


  1. Can someone explain why Kansas is all green? I live there and have no knowledge of ALL the counties passing resolutions like this. is there a state law in Kansas (and Alaska) causing them to be all green?

    Thanks for the response!

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