By: David Tripp
6 Nov 2018

Government Relations Committee passed putting the resolution before the Full Board in a vote of 4-2.

On 20 Jun 2018 the Second Amendment Resolution – Referendum item came before the Full Board. After the reading of the resolution before the Full Board there was much debate, and a motion was pushed to table putting the resolution as a referendum item on the ballot of the next election, which would typically mean the death of the resolution unless it was brought forth at a later date. That vote failed 12-13.

Immediately after the motion to table the item failed, a motion was made to adopt the resolution which passed 15-10. This put a question on the ballot that stated “Shall Madison County become a sanctuary county for law abiding gun owners to protect them from unconstitutional gun laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly?”

Verification Citation/Source: Madison County Board of Commissioners
Resolution date passed: 20 Jun 2018
Vote Count: 15-10

The outcome of the referendum declaring Madison County a Sanctuary County for gun owners passed overwhelmingly by the citizens of the county, 67,351(Yes) to 33,160(No). This enacted the above resolution by majority vote.