26 Illinois counties have passed ‘gun sanctuary’ resolutions. Are they constitutional?


JULY 04, 2018 10:14 PM

A “gun sanctuary” trend spreading across Illinois counties in support of Second Amendment rights has raised questions about just who is allowed to decide what is or isn’t constitutional where guns are concerned.

At least 26 of Illinois’ 102 counties have passed “gun sanctuary” resolutions or similar measures. The term is a play on the phrase “sanctuary city,” which describes cities where political and law enforcement leaders limit their cooperation with federal immigration policies and vow to protect immigrant rights.

“Gun sanctuary” advocates say they, too, deserve protection — from lawmakers in the capital pushing for stricter laws on firearms.

So, proponents went to their County Board members and asked them to pass “gun sanctuary” resolutions. In some cases, the resolutions are designed to send a message to Springfield, and in other cases, they promise county employees won’t enforce gun control laws they consider “unconstitutional.”

But others say the resolutions bypass the law and create a slippery slope for who decides what is constitutional and what isn’t.

The trend picked up speed in May and came to a total of at least 26 counties in June, with more counties planning to consider measures in July. Here’s a look at why the counties passed Second Amendment rights support resolutions, what their resolutions say — and why some counties are resisting.

The 26 counties are: Brown, Christian, Clark, Clay, Cumberland, Douglas, Effingham, Fayette, Ford, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Henry, Iroquois, Jasper, Jefferson, Lawrence, Monroe, Perry, Pope, Saline, Shelby, Washington, Wayne, White and Woodford.

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