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The American Revolution “Assault” Rifle

The Charleville Musket was one of the most advanced rifles of its day during the 1770-1776 time period. There were smooth bore and rifled bore versions, hardened retaining bands for the barrel, the scouring stick was modified with a pear shaped head for better cleaning and powder compression. The scouring stick had a compression spring. Finally it had a modified lock plate, just to name just a few of the changes during that span of years.

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Virginia Democrats threaten pensions of Pro 2A Police and Sheriffs

Virginia Democrats threaten to strip pensions of Sheriffs and Police and vote to deny them a pay raise due to their unwillingness to support gun control.
National Map Update 02-20-2020

Updated Map of American 2A Sanctuary Counties – 2/20/2020

Updated 2/20/2020 - This map shows the counties that we are aware of in the United States that have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties. Please share.

Salem County, NJ Declared a Second Amendment / Lawful Gun Owner County

On February 5, 2020, Salem County, New Jersey was Declared a Second Amendment / Lawful Gun Owner County by a unanimous vote.

George County MS, passes 2nd Amendment Safe Haven

George County Mississippi unanimously passed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution this morning at the Board Of Supervisors meeting at 9:00 am

Stone County MS, passes Second Amendment Safe Haven resolution

Per local M. Fenton a Board of Supervisors meeting attendee on Facebook granted us confirmation of the passing of the Stone County Mississippi resolution to become a Second Amendment Safe Haven was passed. The meeting began at 9:00 AM this morning the 18th of Feb 2020.